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Town Heritage:

Our Heritage
Maine is situated within a tract of 230,000 acres of land known as the “Boston Purchase.”
This tract was purchased by a group of sixty residents of Berkshire County, Massachusetts
in 1787 for three-hundred and thirty-three Spanish dollars (twelve and one-half cents an

The first settler in Maine was Benjamin Norton from Stockbridge, Massachusetts, who
settled about three-fourths of a mile north of the present village site in 1794. Two years
later Jed Dudley also came from Stockbridge and built a log cabin near the site of the
present Maine Cemetery. Later arrivals in the 1700’s were Russell and Alfred Gates,
timothy Caswell, Ebenezer and Matthew Allen, and Marsena McIntyre. Early 1800 arrivals
were Aaron Delano, John Durfee, Martin and Samuel Ingraham, Asaph Morse, John
Wilson, Thomas Marean, and Daniel Chamberlain. Phineas Pomeroy and Abner Rockwell
settled in Union Center. Those who settled in east Maine were Moses Delano, Nathaniel
Slosson, Samuel Stone, John and Herman Payne, and James Ketchum.

There is no proven theory how Maine got its name. Several descendants of early pioneers
claim that General LaFayette named Maine and Lisle after estates in France. Names of
small settlements in Maine are: Mount Ettrick, Gate’s Four corners, Tiona (North Maine),
Arbutus (Craftville), East Maine (Stone Settlement), Allentown, Delano Corners, New
Ireland (Pender’s Corners), Brockett Hollow, Bower’s Corners, Norton’s Corners, Union
Center (Centerville), Oak Hill, Finch Hollow, and Broughamtown.

Maine was officially formed from the northern part of the Town of Union, March 27, 1848.
The first Town meeting was held April 25, 1848, at the school house in Maine Village with
John C. Curtis, Sand Niles, and Louis Gates as the presiding officers. They decided at this
meeting that there would be four constables, three assessors, three commissioners of
highways, and one pound master. At their second meeting, they elected the following
officials: Andrew H. Arnold, supervisor; John W. Hunt, town clerk; Marshall Delano,
superintendent of common schools,; Hjohn T. Davis, collector; Cyrus Gates, justice of
peace; John Blanchard, justice of peace; Hanan W. Moores, Justice of peace,; Orange H.
Arnold, assessor; Thomas Yourn, Hr., assessor; William H. Tuttle, assessor; Herman
Payne, commissioner of highways; John R. Wheeler, commissioner of highways; Edward
Ward, commissioner of highways; Eustis Hathaway, constable; John B. Smith, constable;
Joel Benson, constable; Ransom F. Gates, constable; Jefferson Ransom, supervisor of
elections; Luke Curtis, supervisor of elections; Amasa Durfee, supervisor of elections;
James W. Carman, sealer of weights; and Lyman Pollard, pound master.

At the annual county meeting of town supervisors in 1848, Maine was recorded as having
33,037 acres of land with a total evaluation of $109,693. Maine’s county tax was $555.72
and the town tax was $510.96.

In 1848, the population of Maine was approximately 1,800 persons. In 1880, there were
2,129 persons. The population then declined; in 1915 there were only 1,339 persons. The
population then began to increase and by 1970 there were 5,842. In the 2000 census,
there were 5,459 people in the Town of Maine.

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