Portraits by Clarence F. Stratton

Clarence Stratton
Clarence F. Stratton was a self-taught artist who often described himself as a “history buff.” Soon after he settled into the Hamlet of Maine, he joined a group of residents who also enjoyed researching and sharing the rich history of Nanticoke Valley. Having held their first meeting in 1969, Clarence and his fellow enthusiasts established the Nanticoke Valley Historical Society. Local history became the theme of most of Clarence’s art work when he started painting in 1957. Initially, he created scenes to decorate his home using regular house paint on pieces of wood. In 1960, oil painting became therapy for Clarence while he recovered from a cerebral stroke. By 1964, art was no longer Clarence’s hobby. He began accepting orders and selling many of his original works to friends and neighbors. In the years between 1957 and 1974 he had created over 300 paintings. Clarence’s originals are currently displayed in Maine’s Town Hall, Maine Memorial School, Maine Federated Church, NVHS’s Janet W. Bowers Museum, and many local homes. His work is owned by residents in several other states as well. At the time of this account, two of his paintings are located in Paris, France. Mr. Stratton died in 1974 at the age of 60. Carla Stratton Sullivan (2017)

Clarence Stratton's Portraits

Clarence Stratton "The Fireman's Field Days 1968"
Clarence Stratton "The Barber Shop"
Clarence Stratton "A Winters Day in Maine NY 1967"
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