Meeting Procedures/Rules

Town Board of the Town Of Maine, Rules of Procedure


Meeting Procedures


·      There will be one public comment period during each regularly scheduled Board meeting.  The public comment period shall be at the beginning of the meeting directly following the pledge of allegiance.  Except for the case of public hearings or special public information meetings, the public comment portion of the meeting is the only time when comments will be permitted by the public.


·      The public comment period is designed for comments only.  The Town Supervisor, in his discretion, may direct questions to the appropriate person to respond.


·      Each speaker must sign up to participate in the public comment period prior to the start of the meeting.  By doing so, each speaker agrees to abide by these rules.


·      Each speaker during the public comment period is limited to speak one time for a period not to exceed five minutes.  The time limit shall be enforced by the Town Supervisor (or his designee).  Any request for extension of this time limit must be made to the Town Supervisor who has the discretion to extend the time to speak.  The Town Supervisor shall have discretion to shorten the time limit, provided that the shortened time limit is applied equally to all speakers.


·      Comments by speakers must be addressed to the Town Supervisor.  Attendees may not address the Town Board until recognized by the Town Supervisor.


·      Any audio/visual or similar equipment to be used to support public comments must be approved by the Town Supervisor in advance of the meeting.


·      Discussion between speakers and attendees of the public meeting or hearing is strictly prohibited.


·      Comments must be related to legitimate Town business.


·      Speakers must present their remarks in a courteous manner and may not make personal comments about public officials, town residents or others.


·      Placards, banners, or other signs are not permitted in meeting rooms, nor the distribution of flyers.


·      A person who disregards the directives of the Town Supervisor in enforcing the rules, disturbs the peace at the meeting, makes slanderous remarks or generally conducts himself in a boisterous or inappropriate manner while addressing the Town Board, may be barred from further participation and may forfeit any balance of time remaining for his or her comments.


·      If after a final warning, the speaker refuses to step down, the Town Supervisor will request that a Police Officer remove the individual from the meeting room.  Such individual may be prosecuted for disorderly conduct pursuant to §240.20 of the Penal Law.


·      All cell phones and pagers must be turned off or silenced.


·      Minutes will be revised at the discretion of the Town Clerk.  If at all possible, comments regarding the minutes should be submitted to the Town Clerk before the Board meeting.


The Agenda


·      While an agenda is not required, the Town Board will endeavor to have an agenda prepared before each regularly scheduled meeting.  The agenda will be prepared by the Town Clerk in consultation with the Town Supervisor.  Items for the agenda shall be given to the Town Clerk by the Thursday directly prior to the next regularly scheduled Town Board Meeting.


Town Board Members


·      A member shall not be interrupted when speaking unless by the Town Supervisor to call the member to order.  If a member, while speaking, is called to order, such member shall cease speaking until the question of order is determined, and if in order, such member shall be permitted to proceed.


·      There is no limit on the number of times a member may speak on a question.


·      A member may, with permission of the Town Supervisor, interrupt a speaker during their remarks, but only for the purpose of clarification and information.


·      All members shall observe the commonly accepted rules of courtesy, decorum, dignity and good taste.

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