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Jerry Zimmer 50th Anniversary
August 29, 2019
50 years ago today, Jerry Zimmer’s F4B Phantom jet was shot down in Vietnam, he and his navigator Al Graf were killed.

As some of you may know, the Town of Maine has purchased the NBT Bank.  It will be our town clerk and supervisor offices. The bank will now be called the Jerry A. Zimmer building. The original plan was to do the dedication today, but due to an unforeseen illness, we had to reschedule to Oct 11th.

We think the dedication of the building to Jerry, is a fitting tribute to a man that sacrificed it all for his country.

Bob Bullock
Coming Soon " Jerry A. Zimmer Building"
July 04, 2019

Interior renovations are complete. A new flag pole was installed, and the war memorial monument was relocated. The plan is to create a court yard area, where family and friends can view the monument.


A special thank you goes out to town highway supervisor Joe Dohnalek and his team, for their efforts in relocating the monument and installing the flag pole. 




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